How to Get Car Insurance

Individuals, who have bought new cars recently, need to apply for car insurance policies. The law in the U.S says, it is mandatory for every car owner to have an insurance policy otherwise, the person will be held liable and may have to pay hefty fine along with imprisonment.Many times, buyers thinking of buying new cars are confused and unsure as how to get car insurance. Such people can start their search for car insurance by obtaining insurance quotes from agents or better yet online.Start by locating some good insurance agents. These insurance agents give away the quotes of the different auto insurers that offer car insurance policies. However, make sure to approach several insurance agents, because most agents work for a single company. However, this method is time consuming and people may have to pay fees to the agents.Therefore, individuals may obtain car insurance quotes through Internet web sites. Simply, fill in the personal details and car details. And, within a few seconds, people will obtain car insurance quotes of different reputed companies. Compare quotes of different companies and select the one that offers best rates, discounts, benefits, and easy premiums.How to Apply For Car Insurance:After selecting a particular company, an insurance buyer may apply for insurance policy online. For that purpose, buyer may log on to the same site (from where he or she had obtained quotes), fill the car insurance application, and submit it. The back office staff of that web site sends this online form to the particular (selected) company. The insurance company then sends it’s agent to insurance buyer’s residence.The insurance agent explains all the formalities to the insurance buyer. The agent hands over another application form which individuals need to fill in. Individual has to attach certain documents while submitting the form. It typically includes copy of driver’s license, SSN (Social Security Number), address proof, copy of job offer letter, age proof, bank statements, and salary slip of past three months.Individual have to furnish car documents such as car purchase papers, car loan papers (if any) and so on. If people wish to apply for car insurance through local insurance agents, then as described earlier, individuals need to obtain quotes of different companies. Select the ideal company and ask agents to guide them with the formalities. The insurance agent then furnishes the application form and the rest of the process is same as above.Conclusion:After submitting the insurance application form, the car insurance company verifies the documents and sees whether the information furnished by applicants is true or not. If people fill any wrong information in the application form, the company rejects their form. Such applicants may find it difficult to obtain car insurance from other insurance companies too. Nobody like a liar and a cheat.If the company is convinced that the details are true, it provides car coverage to applicants. The process may take anywhere between 15 to 20 days. This is how individuals can get car insurance policies at affordable rates.To take the first step and get multiple quotes please consider the sites below. They can help you find the best deals around.