Travel Tips You Never Heard Before

The vast majority of travel advice usually centers around flying, airports and airlines, hotels, budgets, various destinations, etc. This article is intent on exposing some tips that most people would never think of – housekeeping items mainly. They may not save you a lot of money as most travel tips seem to do but they are invaluable when you are traveling. Especially if you have a business presentation or meeting to go to the following day.Gum – you perhaps already know this trick. To get gum out of hair (beside cutting it), off a garment or a shoe, you ice it with ice cubes and then break it off when it hardens. Do you know how to get ring around the collar stains out though? Put hair shampoo on it and spread it around the collar. Shampoos are designed to remove oils from hair so they are a natural for skin oil as well.Need to wash some clothes in the sink but the hotel doesn’t have a laundry to dry them? Try hanging them in the bathroom with the light on. They will be dry by morning. For faster drying turn on the heat lamp (but don’t put the clothes under it or too near it!). Want to rid your room of flies but you have no bug spray? Use hair spray instead. And if you really think ahead, take some laundry detergent with you in a plastic sandwich bag (NOT in your carry-on however) and a small spray bottle. If your clothes need ‘freshening’ , you can spray the detergent in the obvious places (underarms, down the front, etc) and then rinse them off and dry them as directed here.If you are suspicious about a hotel room or cruise cabin having Legionnaires disease spores, immediately run a hot shower (with the bathroom door open) for 5 minutes and leave the room. It will dissipate any possible spores. A money saving tip: most people know if you forget a toothbrush or need any assorted toiletries, ask the front desk before venturing off to buy anything. Many hotels have toothpaste, deodorant, combs, razors, etc for free. One final tip that MIGHT save you money. Buy a collapsible cooler and pack it in your suitcase. When you arrive at your hotel, if it doesn’t have a fridge in the room (or they charge extra for them), fill it with ice and you can keep food and drinks for days. Really helps cut down on the bar and restaurant tab when you can buy a beer for less than $1 in a 6-pack versus $2.75 (plus tip) at a lounge.These tips are valuable when you need them but are not ones you would normally think of so re-read this article several times. One day when you need some help along these lines, you will probably remember them by accident.