How Can Google Innovate a New Product on Relationship Maintenance of Humans!

The prime focus of Rel8 would be on relationship networking. In this model, all of the contacts of a client with relevant information about the same would be arranged not in linear rows or columns, but in networks based on relationships like friend, family, acquaintance, colleague, client etc. Within these there would be sub-networks, for example, a family member may be father, mother, first cousin, nephew etc. These rel8ed networks would thus be able to arrange the contacts in a manner easy to understand and appreciate, leading to effective management of personal information and better networking capabilities.

A special focus on relationships and genealogy make Rel8 unique and helps it stand out among the host of inadequate systems that we currently have, and that too, stand out on top. It is not a usual social networking site, but one with a host of many more features like address book, scheduler, calendar, mail server, planner, diary, notes, password manager, reminders etc. And yes, it would have the usual networking features like instant messaging, communities, groups, albums et al.

Incorporating tools that allow it to seamlessly integrate with the existing Information Management Systems, Microsoft Office applications, and new formats of interacting through the World Wide Web and mobile phone would allow the user to utilize Rel8 in numerous ways. This also enables easy sharing of user data with other members of the group as well as availability of your information on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Rel8 would be built using cutting edge technologies such as the JDeveloper, Java and its applications such as servlets and beans, Java Server Pages and Oracle 10g, dotNET and XML, besides web latest technologies. This would make it the best in terms of user interface, simplicity and convenience.

The business can be started on various platforms using different models. It can be offered as a standalone software, bundled software with operating systems, on-line service in association with ISP’s and Internet Portals or as an own service hosted on our own servers. An online presence on the web and mobile along with client side installations for large institutional clients like corporates, defense and government. This would enable large client base, huge valuations and abnormal profits.

Rel8 has tremendous potential in terms of target market, revenue generation and profitability. As it would not require any new technologies and needs only meager investment, it is feasible both technically and financially. A sound implementation under professional guidance of Google would enable the stakeholders of Rel8 to earn an extremely handsome rate of return and see Rel8 to become the future of how personal information is managed.


Google is currently offering a host of services to the cyber world – ranging from over 3 billion pages to search any kind of information, to discussion groups, images, catalogs, news, photo albums, and even their works-in progress through its search phenomenon. It provides a plethora of applications in the form of Google Blogs, Google Earth, Google Scholar, Google Reader, Google Finance, Google Talk (the revolutionary Instant Messenger which created waves by attacking Yahoo’s dominance), Google Maps and Google Videos. Its acquisitions of Picassa, Orkut, YouTube, UpStartle, Pyra Labs (and thereby adding Blogger to its kitty) and Keyhole Corporations made Google a major force in the online arena to reckon with.

Today Google seems to have a portfolio with something or the other for everyone, for all kinds of needs and for all kinds of people. But one thing it lacks is a service that would make it the indispensable part of everyone’s life – day or night, something that would be complete in all respects for social as well as business purposes. This is the gap which can be adequately filled by Rel8. Rel8 being a service that would link not only the social networks of a person with his business clients and other contacts under one umbrella, but would also help him plan and schedule his activities in such a way that he can switch between his professional and personal lives in a smooth and timely manner. Google is sure to benefit from a service like Rel8 that comes with features like a planner, scheduler, mail-server, password manager and a diary among others all at one go. It would be a technological revolution and a social revelation and would make Google one more giant leap ahead for the times to come.